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Taking Care Of Your Business Needs

Create a business account with us and we’ll make it easier for you to organize your business travel .


We now offer 7 day credit facilities for our business account customers
(subject to checks) and we can be paid by BACS, Cheque, Cash or Card
We can also offer our account customers our e-booking facility

If you would like to set up an account with our company, please contact
Mrs. Connor on 01773 - 838280 or 01773 - 836100 or alternatively, download our account application form below.



E-Booking is simple, convenient and offers you many options such as different job types, job history and multiple vias. You can even track your taxi on a street level GPS map to monitor the job’s progress. You can book a taxi directly on-line using your own virtual booking station.

The booking template can be varied to cater for your needs. you simply log on to the e-booking web page (provided by Autocab) and enter details of your journey. You can then either have the system book the job directly or be passed to our dispatcher for approval.

If you are interested in setting your company up on the e-booking system, please contact us for details.

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